Q: Would you happen to have a size reference of Gildan t-shirts?

A: Yes, please note this is the size chart of all the Gildan t-shirts we have in stock


Q: What are the colours of the t-shirt you have in stock

A: Below is a list of our colour stock list

- White

- Black

- Sports grey (similar to medium grey with faint dark spotty patterns)

- Red

- Safety pink (neon pink/contains 50% polyester)

- Azalea (a rosy pink)

- Light pink

- Safety orange (like neon orange/contains 50% polyester)

- Gold

- Daisy (basically yellow)

- Irish green (clover like green)

- Safety green (like neon green/contains 50% polyester)

- Military green (a matte leafy green)

- Navy (very dark blue)

- Royal (a rich solid blue)

- Sapphire (a soft feel blue)

- Carolina blue (is a sky like colour or pale blue),

- Purple


Q: What is your turn around time to print the shirt

A: On average it'll take about 2 working days once the order is confirmed by the customer.


Q: What are the pros and cons between a regular and standard print?

A: "Regular Print on White Tee" aside from the lower price, the print on the shirt will feel soft and breathable while worn, but the colour vibrancy after many washes won't be as good as "Standard Print on White/Light/Dark/Vivid Tee" and clarity is slightly lower too b/c the colour ink is printed directly onto the fabric.

"Standard Print on White/Light/Dark/Vivid Tee" will yield higher clarity and better wash durability due to an added layer of pretreatment(like a primer for paint) and duPont white ink under-base underneath the colour ink, resulting in better bonding for the colour ink.


Q: How do I preserve the quality of the printing/tshirt?

A: Always be sure to iron or wash the DTG printed t-shirts inside out with other clothing and using only cold water. Be sure to avoid drying the t-shirt in direct sun light due to UV rays might cause yellowing of the pretreatment. If you have order a white t-shirt with a "standard" print, please be sure to wash it once before wearing it outdoors in the sun if more than a hour or 2 since this can cause yellowing of the excess pretreatment and the yellow effect can become permanent, washing the t-shirt before wearing it outdoors can remove the excess pretreatment and prevent this issue.


Q: Which t-shirt brands do you carry?

A: All our stock are Gildan brand t-shirts along with another Canadian brand t-shirts with equivalent or better quality.


Q: What is the maximum size/area you can print on a t-shirt?

A: 14" x 16" per image is our printing limit.


Q: Which type of payment method you accept?

A: We accept cash, e-transfer, debit, credit card and online credit card payment through email using Square.


Q: What type of image files can I use to print a t-shirt?

A: We need the file in either PNG or a JPG format.